Welcome to the "Public policies across the EU - objectives, efficiency and implications", 2nd Conference of the FISCAL DIALOGUE

The exchange of expertise between the public, fiscal policy makers and academics is a way to increase the efficiency of public finances and an initiative for further development of theory and research in this area. The Fiscal Dialogue organizers intention is to create a platform for creative communication. The second year of our annual conference, the Fiscal Dialogue cycle, follows the tradition of this continuous exchange of views.

Public policies play an essential role in lives of citizens in the Czech Republic, the Visegrad four and the entire EU. Their objectives, efficiency and implications are important not only for every-day routine work of the public administration but also as a subject of expert discussion and multidisciplinary scientific analysis.

The second year of the Fiscal Dialog international expert conference cycle will be focused on various aspects of public policies in the Czech Republic, the Visegrad group and the entire EU. Public policies are an important determinant of public administration, closely associated with the decision making in public finance and their implications influence the extent, structure and work of the public sector. For these reasons, we would like to initiate a discussion among experts, decision-makers and practitioners of public policies across the EU to foster an exchange of their knowledge, expert opinions, experience and examples of good practice.

This year's conference titled "Public policies across the EU - objectives, efficiency and implications" will focus mainly on the following topics:

  • Public policies in the Czech Republic, V4 and EU
  • Public policies through the prism of public finance
  • Regional aspects of public policies
  • Public policies and education
  • Public policies and the role of public administration
  • Public policies' consequences for public sector

Conference is aimed at decision-makers, practitioners and analysts dealing with various aspects of public policies, university students, as well as general public.

Date: November 23, 2018

Venue: Karmelitská 529/5, Praha 1

Duration: 8:30 - 15:00   

Scientific committee:


Bojka Hamerníková, College of Regional Development and Banking Institute - Ambis


Agniezska Alinska, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
Klára Major, HETFA, Research Institute and Center for Economic and Social Analysis in Budapest, Hungary
Juraj Nemec, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
Marta Orviská, Matej Bel University, Slovak Republic
Lucie Sedmihradská, University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic
Romana Provazníková, University of Pardubice, Czech republic
Michal Plaček, College of Regional Development and Banking Institute - Ambis

Organizers of the conference

The conference is organized by the College of Regional Development and Banking Institute - Ambis in cooperation with the European Movement in the Czech Republic and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V. - representation in the Czech Republic,  under the auspices of the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic.

Medial parners of the conference